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    Ammonium Dichromate


    Ammonium Dichromate (NH4)2Cr2O7 is an inorganic compound, it is also known as Ammonium Dichromate or Ammonium Pyrochromate It has the appearance of orange-red crystals.

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    Ammonium Dichromate


    - Has many uses including the following :
    - a strong oxidising agent in chemical compositions
    - the well known Vesuvian Fire - The table top Volcano
    - in the early days of photography
    - a mordant for dyeing pigments

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    Ammonium Dichromate


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Ammonium Dichromate - Applications

Ammonium Dichromate is a strong Oxidiser and is commonly used for pyrotechnic compositions as a catalyst - On its own it will burn, without a fuel source - The classic table top volcano is an excellent example of this.
In days gone by it was commonly used in photography and lithography.
It is a good source of pure Nitrogen in the laboratory, along with its uses as a catalyst for catalytic oxidation of ammonia.
It is still used as a mordant for setting dyes.
It is used in the manufacture of photosensitive films acting as the photoactive site.